We are passionate about giving back to our community.

Energy Atlantica is extremely proud of the impact it has made through the charity it helped to found and still supports, GIVETOLIVE. To date GIVETOLIVE projects have raised over $3 million.

GIVETOLIVE logo Give To Live, charity raising money through physical activity

GIVETOLIVE is a volunteer organization dedicated to ending illness and disease by inspiring people to lead healthy lives through exercise, altruism and achievement. It was founded within the walls of Energy Atlantica in 2007 by CEO Todd McDonald and his wife Ashley Ward.

GIVETOLIVE has grown to include four main events – THE BIG SWIM, THE BIG RIDE, THE BIG CHILL and THE BIG WELCOME. Watch this video to learn more about how GIVETOLIVE came to be, or visit the GIVETOLIVE website to learn more about each event.

“I could not be more proud of GIVETOLIVE and what the team has achieved. Not only was founding this charity one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made, it was one of my best life decisions as well. I see our team members work together, sweat together and thrive together; inspiring people to lead happier and healthier lives through acts of generosity and achievement of physical feats which at first seemed impossible. I love that we share a passion for giving back to the community and working on issues much greater then ourselves.”

Todd McDonald, CEO Energy Atlantica and Co-Founder of GIVETOLIVE